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THE PANTS are a technical outdoor pant that solve all of the problems with the existing options. They have an abundance of pockets, they won't rip when you slide down a rock and best of all... they won't slip down your butt when you squat down, reach for
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Historically, anyone that does not identify as a white cis male has been excluded from the outdoor industry. Women's clothing has been designed around stereotypes with no mind towards functionality. Why do women's hiking pants have fewer and smaller pockets than men's? Lululemon is great... but we want something you can scrape on a rock without being afraid of it ripping. 

In 2018 Isabel and Lily were the first women and the first first-year students to win Colby's Business Competition. With 16K in the bank, inspiration in heart and butterflies in the chest, the real journey began. The Greenlight Maine Pitch and UMaine Business Pitch granted more money, advice, advisors and confidence. 

R&D for Ruggette's first product, a hiking and climbing pant, began in the garment district of Manhattan. We built our tech pack with Maine based pattern maker Bespoke Branded Fit


Purpose: Designed for rock climbing and hiking. These PANTS are technical: Your average legging is made of 4 pieces of fabric, while these are made of 32.

Look: Loose for comfort and mobility but structured to flatter

Fit: High waisted with a strong elastic in the back to support you when you move

Function: Six deep pockets with unique openings for versatile uses, including one zippered pocket

Durability: Reinforced in high-stress areas, including the knees and inner thigh

Material: A blend of 53% hemp, 44% PET (recycled polyester), and 3% spandex - feels light and durable 

See photos of pants for sizing guide.

THE PANTS run small, so we recommend sizing up.

For reference, the top of the waistband lands several inches above the wearer’s bellybutton.