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SHAMPOO · CONDITIONER · BODY · SHAVE For the days when you need to feel the force of nature is on your side.
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In short, Aubrey started Redbudsuds because she was tired of feeling like she couldn't make a difference.

She was tired of the trash accumulating in our world, tired of using products that called themselves "natural" with ingredients she couldn't pronounce, and tired of feeling alone in her concern for the health of our planet.

She didn't set out to start a business. She set out to do environmental advocacy in a creative, delightful way.

Here's why we love the shower bar so much:

fast. Get amazing lather.

easy. Use the strap to hang the bar on your wrist so you never drop it.

clean. When you're done, just hang to dry. No mess.

Pro tip: If you're traveling and have to pack the bar right after you've showered, simply wrap it in a bandana or tuck it into our travel satchel until you've reached your destination.